Various Outdoor Activities That Kids Would Love

Young girl sitting outdoors blowing dandelion headThere’s that time of the year when you are spending more time outdoors than in. This is the time that you are able to do those things that you consider too messy for anywhere with walls. Kids typically love such activities that involve messy play. However, this is an advantage for you because cleanup is easier outside.

Fizzy Foaming Car Wash

With the use of a water table and a few simple household items, this can be a fun and messy activity that kids would enjoy. This foamy and fizzy kiddie car wash will keep your little children’s hands busy for hours.

Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt guns with paint might be considered staples of childhood for some. You may want to let your kids experience it as well. This could a great bonding time with your kids during summer.

Glow in the Dark Chalk

Almost every kid loves chalk. The fun with such activity starts with creating it. The recipe is easy to make. However, it is messy. Introduce this to your kids and they will have an incredible night under the stars that they won’t soon forget.

Water Balloon Paint Party

Filling balloons with water may not that interesting. But you can pump up its fun factor by filling it with paint. You and your kids may wear white T-shirts in order to spot easily who is the most covered in paint.

Water Table Paint and Print

During summer, there’s an interesting use for your water table. You can utilize it for a painting and printing activity with your little kids. While letting their creativity come out at such a young age, their hands may get awesomely messy with paint. Their creation can be used as a display or something to give as gifts to grandma and grandpa.

Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

Ask your kids if they want to paint a tree, and you will see them screaming with excitement. This would be a unique idea that combines sensory play, messy art and nature to produce the most awesome experience for kids.

Mud Painting

This could be the messiest activity your kids will have. Your kids will this but you must watch out for worms in the mud.

 Edible Ooey Gooey Worms

A kid wouldn’t normally want to squish and mush gooey worms in mud until they are actually edible. Try the Measured Mom’s gooey worms that are deliciously yucky. Spend one afternoon with your kids exploring the ickiest of all outdoor activities.

Rainbow Glitter Sidewalk Paint

Aside from easy preparation, this is also awesomely fun to do as well with your kids. Together, you can make rainbow glitter sidewalk paint. This is a good way to pass a summer afternoon outside.

Shaving Cream Slip N Slide

This is another messy activity that you can spend with your kids. Basically, you will have a shaving cream slip n slide. For sure, your kids will be talking about one afternoon that you spent executing this idea all summer.