5 Outdoor Activities You Must Try

Fun Outdoor Activities

  1. Paragliding

When you think of paragliding, you may automatically think that it is almost similar to skydiving. However, they are very much different with the details. From the moment of its ascent to its descent, here the parachute (paraglider) calls the shots. Compared to skydiving, the advantage of paragliding is that it has a pilot harness where the pilot can sit and enjoy the ride while maneuvering the glider with its advanced gears. With the paraglider’s technology, it encourages many daredevil flying stunts like the thermal flying where thermal air pockets are used by experienced paragliders to spiral up to the cloud base.

Rock Climbing
  2. Rock Climbing

Activities such as zip lining and parasailing are ideal if you want effortless adrenaline rush. Meanwhile, in mountain climbing, you’ll have the breathtaking sceneries, challenging trails, and the thrill of reaching the top. While facing a vertical wall, you go against gravity and sometimes you make do with tiny and seemingly impossible footholds and handholds. You may also slam against the rock if you don’t manage your fall well. However, when you reach the peak, it gives you a rush and a sense of accomplishment like no other. Finishing a route can also be a confidence booster for some. Imagine after scaling that rock face head on, you’ll think you could take on anything. So, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, with a bit of a challenge and the sweetest taste of success that is worth replaying in your mind over and over, rock climbing is for you.

Scuba Diving
                       3. Scuba Diving

“Scuba” which stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” has become the excitement of the recreational marine life showcasing. Each year, lots of tourists are attracted to these so-called peaceful underwater retreats. The sights are not only limited to the marine life and the formations of the corals, but also the mystical shapes and structures conjured on the ocean beds as well. There is also the wreck diving, which is the adventurous package of cave diving stick to natural caverns while exploring the insides of old shipwrecks.

Most coral destinations around the world such as the Great Barrier Reef, Lakshadweep and other Pacific Islands have a wide range of fun activities involving the scuba equipment. As divers admire the marine life deep within the ocean, scuba diving is mostly done for recreation goals. A huge array of marine life and sometimes even shipwrecks are just some of the interesting things underneath. For recreational purposes, divers are limited to 130ft deep only. Beyond that limit are for trained professionals which is bound by the law.

                         4. Skydiving

Since the beginning of the age of reasoning, man justifies its need for wings. Today, flying now is not only a considered a passion but a regular sport too. We may regard Arizona in USA as the “skydive capital of the world.” However, most countries nowadays are also offering great skydiving experience with their latest technology as well as their expertise. There are a lot of things that you can do with this kind of adventure. You can touch the water with your feet while flying in your parachute in ‘Pond Swooping,’ race in skydiving challenges like ‘Hit and Rock,’ draw the skylines with inventive arrangement in formation skydiving, or you may just take a long trip under the parachute canopy with cross-country skydiving. To document your adventure, try to document it at 13,000 feet from the ground.

                            5. Surfing

Surfing has been a great way to enjoy the waves. With a surfboard or a canoe, you can have the full splashes of enjoyment. Surfing was originally from the Polynesian culture and found first in the Tahiti Islands. Today, it has been one of the most cherished surface water.