Popular Games for a Disco-themed party


Kids party entertainment should be interactive to keep them from being bored. An energetic idea is to throw a disco-themed party. Before choosing the music to play for the party, here a few of the games that will surely make the party a success.

Musical Statues

A good variation of this classic game is to let the kids choose an animal. When the music stops they need to do the action of that animal. You can also let the kids choose their favorite superhero and when the music stops they need to act out the superheroes’ superpowers.


You need to prepare a giant dice for this game. Around the walls of the venue, stick up six A3 pictures with numbers on them (one number per sheet, from 1-6). When the music is played the kids will dance. When it stops they will run to a corner, throw the dice to see what number will get a special treat. Repeat the procedure until everyone receives a treat.


To make this classic game more entertaining and fun, you can ask the kids to do a funny action before the walk underneath the pole.

Pass the parcel

The traditional way to play this is to just pass one box around and this game will only have one ultimate winner. A more interactive way is to prepare two boxes to pass around and another box filled with costumes. The kids will pass around the two boxes filled with treats once the music stops whoever is holding a box, will pick a treat and wear one piece of costume from the box in the middle.

These are just a few of the many ways you can innovate classic party games to catch the attention of the guests. Also, to make it more fun, you can dance along with them as you facilitate the game.