Surviving Your Baby’s Day Care Moments

Babies are cute, and very adorable. But taking care of them and providing for their maintenance is a very tedious job. Especially when it’s their first months in the daycare where you have to go through all the hassle of checking up on them and picking them up and dropping them off.

However, we have some secrets on how to survive your baby’s first few months in the daycare and we would like to share them with you.

Always calculate your time

Be sure to calculate your time of going to work and add 30 minutes to the calculated time. This is the allowance allotted for other unexpected things like diaper time and it will also give you more time to play with your baby.

Prepare everything the night before

Prepare everything the night before and make sure that you don’t forget anything to avoid any additional hassle in the morning.

Get to know your baby’s teachers

Seriously, you have to know your baby’s teachers. Know their backgrounds and how they handle the other babies in the daycare to be sure that your baby is well taken care of when you are not around.

Establish a routine but be flexible in case it gets blown apart

It’s always nice to have a routine, things that you get used to doing on a regular basis for you to be able to work in a more systematic way and for you to avoid memory lapses. But be prepared for any changes due to unexpected circumstances.

Take advantage of your alone time

Always make sure that you are still able to take care of yourself despite the fact that you are preoccupied by other stuff like your career and your baby. Make time to unwind and beautify yourself.


A smile is the universal language of the heart. And it is also a type of therapy that no one can get enough of. Smiling also fends off all the stress that you were feeling so you should smile even at times when you don’t feel like it to brighten your day because it gives out good vibes.

A lot of people are still finding it hard to juggle motherhood and being a career person. However with determination, love for your job, and love for your baby, there is nothing that you cannot do.

Remember that babies need consistent care and maintenance. They also need positivity so it is necessary that you know how to manage your stress by managing your time well. So that your baby won’t get affected by the stress that you might give off because of the tiring task that you do every day.

Preparation and proper planning are the keys that will help you be able to manage your time and your stress. It’s nothing much and you might be thinking that I’m all talk but believe me, with the proper mindset, you will be able to go through each obstacle of motherhood with ease.

5 Outdoor Activities You Must Try

Fun Outdoor Activities

  1. Paragliding

When you think of paragliding, you may automatically think that it is almost similar to skydiving. However, they are very much different with the details. From the moment of its ascent to its descent, here the parachute (paraglider) calls the shots. Compared to skydiving, the advantage of paragliding is that it has a pilot harness where the pilot can sit and enjoy the ride while maneuvering the glider with its advanced gears. With the paraglider’s technology, it encourages many daredevil flying stunts like the thermal flying where thermal air pockets are used by experienced paragliders to spiral up to the cloud base.

Rock Climbing
  2. Rock Climbing

Activities such as zip lining and parasailing are ideal if you want effortless adrenaline rush. Meanwhile, in mountain climbing, you’ll have the breathtaking sceneries, challenging trails, and the thrill of reaching the top. While facing a vertical wall, you go against gravity and sometimes you make do with tiny and seemingly impossible footholds and handholds. You may also slam against the rock if you don’t manage your fall well. However, when you reach the peak, it gives you a rush and a sense of accomplishment like no other. Finishing a route can also be a confidence booster for some. Imagine after scaling that rock face head on, you’ll think you could take on anything. So, if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, with a bit of a challenge and the sweetest taste of success that is worth replaying in your mind over and over, rock climbing is for you.

Scuba Diving
                       3. Scuba Diving

“Scuba” which stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus” has become the excitement of the recreational marine life showcasing. Each year, lots of tourists are attracted to these so-called peaceful underwater retreats. The sights are not only limited to the marine life and the formations of the corals, but also the mystical shapes and structures conjured on the ocean beds as well. There is also the wreck diving, which is the adventurous package of cave diving stick to natural caverns while exploring the insides of old shipwrecks.

Most coral destinations around the world such as the Great Barrier Reef, Lakshadweep and other Pacific Islands have a wide range of fun activities involving the scuba equipment. As divers admire the marine life deep within the ocean, scuba diving is mostly done for recreation goals. A huge array of marine life and sometimes even shipwrecks are just some of the interesting things underneath. For recreational purposes, divers are limited to 130ft deep only. Beyond that limit are for trained professionals which is bound by the law.

                         4. Skydiving

Since the beginning of the age of reasoning, man justifies its need for wings. Today, flying now is not only a considered a passion but a regular sport too. We may regard Arizona in USA as the “skydive capital of the world.” However, most countries nowadays are also offering great skydiving experience with their latest technology as well as their expertise. There are a lot of things that you can do with this kind of adventure. You can touch the water with your feet while flying in your parachute in ‘Pond Swooping,’ race in skydiving challenges like ‘Hit and Rock,’ draw the skylines with inventive arrangement in formation skydiving, or you may just take a long trip under the parachute canopy with cross-country skydiving. To document your adventure, try to document it at 13,000 feet from the ground.

                            5. Surfing

Surfing has been a great way to enjoy the waves. With a surfboard or a canoe, you can have the full splashes of enjoyment. Surfing was originally from the Polynesian culture and found first in the Tahiti Islands. Today, it has been one of the most cherished surface water.

Societal Factors That Can Affect the Teens’ Behavior

There is no doubt that society plays a significant role in shaping an individual’s character. For teens, society hones their ability to live with other people, gives them ideas of what is wrong and right and eventually, hones their general outlook in life. According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, the strongest influence on the teen’s adult life is the parents. By understanding the influence of various aspects of society on a teen, it will help you nurture its character as well as its individuality.

There are a number of societal influences that can affect the teen’s behavior. From the media to peers, a lot of societal factors can shape the ways in which they act. While society isn’t the only factor in an adolescent’s behavior, the effect of its influences can alter changes in attitudes or some values.


Advertising is also another factor that can influence a teen’s behavior. It affects not only how a child acts but also their spending habits. According to the child development experts at the Healthy Children website, cigarette ads for example can negatively influence a teen’s ideas and thoughts with regards to smoking. Without proper guidance, ads that feature young and attractive people smoking can make this unhealthful habit seem acceptable or even appealing. One risk with advertising is that it glorifies or sells risky behaviors. As a result, it affects on the way a teen spends their money. With advertising, teens may think that it’s acceptable to spend hard-earned money on pricey or unnecessary items like designer label jeans.


Meanwhile, the community sets rules that can help form a teenager’s ideas of what is right and wrong. Teens may have a better understanding of acceptable behavior and consequences of doing wrong, as set by communal laws. With consequences like imprisonment, such understanding may help your teen to choose the right behavior. In addition to that, the community also helps create cultural and environmental awareness. The interaction with various members of the community will also influence the teen to learn to care for the environment, neighbors and the less fortunate.

Media Influences

With TV, movies, online videos and all other media sources out there, it is expected that these societal influences can somehow shape your teen’s behavior either for good or for bad. As the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Healthy Children website recommends, parents should watch for media influences. These include acts of violence, alcohol, sexual situations, statements about body image, and drug use, and gender or cultural stereotypes. While your teen might seem immune to what the media is already saying, parents should still have caution since some messages can slowly begin to sink in and encourage risky behaviors like underage drinking or unprotected sex seem.


The schools as well as subsequent social environments are parts of society that wield a communal influence on teens. Take note that every junior and senior high school setting is quite different in some way. This produces a community that adheres or disregards certain behaviors. They could make changes to their beliefs due to the predominant school views.

Society and Laws

There are some aspects of society that can have a positive influence on teens. They become more aware of legal issues and society’s laws. During their adolescent period, they have the ability to understand legalities in a more abstract way. Such information will definitely help teens to think twice before engaging in any illegal or risky activity. However, this doesn’t guaranty that teens will not experiment with illegal substances just because the law says “no.” Instead, they will think harder about the choices they are going to make in light of the consequences.